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Reader’s Challenge: Favorite Things


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things”

Don’t you just LOVE your favorite things? Those things that might seem ordinary to someone else, but elicit extraordinary joy from you?

This post is inspired by my dear cousin Ruth. Someone I rarely see, but draw strength and delight from the words she writes and the photographs she takes. Most recently, she posted the beautiful picture of crystal, silver and china that you see below. She shared the story of a savory menu, good company and then captured the delightful result after the dishes were done. I felt my body relax, a smile tickle at the corners of my lips and the immediate thought, “I love pretty glasses in rows. I’m so glad she shared that!”


I LOVE to hear and learn about what makes people happy. Maybe it’s a favorite, dusty book, the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (duh!) or the way the sunlight hits your child’s face on a day full of memories. YOUR joy fills ME with joy and I want to grab some of it and share. Thanks to you, my blog just reached 3800 hits and now that I have an audience, I want to showcase the awesome folks who inspire me everyday.

So, here’s your assignment. Drop me an e-mail at the address below and tell me about your favorite things.

Maybe it’s just one and maybe it’s a hundred. Send me photos if you don’t have the words, send me words if you are trying to paint a picture.  Then look for your favorite things in Friday’s to come. It’s that simple!

It can be as public or anonymous as you want. It’s doesn’t have to be poetic or perfectly written–it just has to be YOU. It’ll be my job to knit your words and pictures together in a way everyone can enjoy and draw inspiration from.
Need a little help getting started? Here are some of my favorite things as well as a few photographs to capture the essence.

The unbreakable friendship between my son and his two best friends


The earthy smell of freshly tilled garden dirt after it’s been covered all winter by snow

Watching my kiddos compete in whatever season they are in: football, golf, baseball, wrestling, riding horses, water polo (Tanna will have to explain that!)

Finding freshly ripe tomatoes every time I look at the vine and then hearing hubby laugh when he hears me say, “oh hey little fella! I see you hiding in there!”


Completely inappropriate text messages from my best friend

Rows of green soybeans, golden wheat fields and red milo 

Old books, news books, empty leather-bound journals with grosgrain ribbons just waiting to be read or filled with random thoughts


Smoked pizza and white wine

When my husband tells me that I ‘m “out of the bed” pretty and don’t need to wear make-up

Tanna’s joyful laugh; I can hear it no matter where I’m at in the house


White sheets slapping and snapping in the Kansas wind on outdoor clothes lines

Mountains, Mountains, Mountains

Nutscene garden twine


You get the picture, right?

Drop me an e-mail at: mt_rd@hotmail.com  and tell me about your favorite things–grammar don’t matter none at all!  Your responses will go directly to me and I won’t share your name without your permission. Deal? DEAL!

I can’t wait to hear from you!!


Coming next week: Ghetto Grocery Store Mishaps (featuring judgement and poor choices)

One thought on “Reader’s Challenge: Favorite Things

  1. my favorite thing could be what every 45 year old mother of 4 would say, sleep, quiet, booze, but ah contraire, my favorite thing is my bed, but not the reasons your thinking(get your mind out of the gutter) it’s for a nightly ritual called “snuggle time”. My beautiful 6 year old daughter will inevitable sneak up into my lap with her thumb in her mouth and her ratty blanket and ask, can we snuggle? Off the two of us go, up to my room, climb into bed and rest, no TV, no iPads, not phones, just us. Before you know it, her twin brother will appear, climb in and join the quiet or conversation. Followed next by his 9 year old brother. The 4 of us will snuggle for a while and one by one, they move on to their next stop. Then my all time favorite thing happens, my 12 year son will eventually show up, if I wait long enough. He will wander in and start to talk. I do a lot of nodding, listening, but no sudden movements for fear that I will frighten him away. Just the right amount of questions to keep it going for as long as he will let it and then POOF…the moment is gone and he’s off to text his friends. I hope snuggle time lasts forever!
    Susanne Langer


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