Adventures in Imperfection

Celebrating Imperfection: Let’s get this party started!

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Hey Friends,

Ten minutes into my first “real” post and already my fingers have frozen at the keyboard. Left-brain has been in overdrive ever since I shared the “Jumping off the Ledge” announcement a couple of weeks ago and Right-brain has gone into permanent hiding!  Last night’s attempt at sleep was spent in an epic battle with the bed covers and constant mathematics around how many zzz’s I could get if I drifted off immediately. Umm…3 hours last time I checked…

What’s the dilemma you ask? It’s just a stupid blog, right?

Honestly, I had planned to share a story so funny, clever and engaging that you’d be hooked from the beginning. Something unforgettable that’d make you fall fast and hard.  Kinda like putting on high heels and a red dress in order to grab your attention for a drink and a one night stand.

Frankly, I’m just not that type of girl.

I’m really looking for a long-term relationship here and starting with the good stuff just felt wrong and out of character. Like any good friendship, we need to build a foundation and get to know each better before we skydive into the really good, juicy stuff, right?

The thing is, I want you to come back. I want you to trust me. I want to make you laugh and I want you to like me.

Ugh. I want to be PERFECT!

Sound familiar? If so, then you are in the right place!

My words and photographs are dedicated to the mighty men and women (and boys and girls) who strive for daily perfection and beat themselves up when they fall short. We humans plug cluelessly along–buried in stuff, careers, mindless media chatter and busy family activities all while pretending that perfection is actually attainable.  We proudly wear our exhaustion and crazy schedules like the Congressional Medal of Honor until our perfect bubble bursts by whatever little curve ball life throws us (an empty gas tank, a missed school note, laundry that breeds while we sleep, and the wrong word used with the person you love the most). It’s those unintended mishaps that you and I are going to celebrate, laugh at and learn from.

If you’re smiling and nodding your head today, that’s good. If you are still reading and laughing tomorrow–that’s even better. In my Type-A way, I’ve described below what this page will and will not be. Don’t be surprised as I find my voice (and you share yours) that I’ll add to this list; however, these are my core goals and want you to know what to expect.

1) I am NOT an expert. My words are not those of a professional psychologist or trained professional. I’m simply a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend trying to love my kiddos, husband, parents, siblings and friends in ways that make them feel special, unique and valuable. And, quite honestly, I want them to love me the same way back.

2) You WILL laugh.  In fact, this is probably the most serious post of mine that you’ll read. Any life-lessons and profound messages you glean from these words will likely be completely accidental–buried in the context of clueless mistakes and below the surface sarcasm.   We’ve all been here–the times that our many faults come crashing front and center for all to see and appreciate. Please don’t make reading this another item on your list of things in your day that you “have to do.” Sit down for a couple of minutes, read something to make you giggle and let it be okay if you learn a little in the process.

3) You WILL be learning with me. My “day job” is a clinical, demanding, right-brain sucking 40+ hours and ten-states-travel type of career. I haven’t written anything meaningful other than e-mails since college.  You won’t hear much about my job, but you may see the effects. Writer’s block, insomnia and caffeine. In fact, just let me apologize in advance for anything that I write at 3 a.m. while jacked up on diet Mountain Dew.

4) I WILL be honest. I will share my mistakes in their full dorky glory. You will see the times where I have screwed up, burned the meatloaf, made questionable fashion choices, almost drowned the dog, and said things (out loud…in public) that made the crickets stop chirping. Real life is way better than fiction!

5) These stories WILL be real. I have names and events and I’m not afraid to use them. They may be slightly embellished, but that’ll only be for literary bling–every girl needs a little bling, right?

6) What about Jesus? You won’t hear a lot about Jesus, but He will be walking beside me the whole way. Hopefully, you’ll see evidence of that in the stories I share and the words I use. If you see a swear word, it’ll only be because I asked Him first and He said, “Sure…go for it!”

7) I DO want to hear from you! And, with your permission, I want to share your stories, too.  This ain’t all about me. You can leave comments about your own adventures, or you can drop me an e-mail and I’ll share with our audience in future posts.

Why would I do this in such a public forum?

It’s simply because I want to share what it took me 40+ years to learn. When we share our imperfections, it makes us real and reachable to the people who love us the most.

I’ve finally learned that vulnerable is GOOD! Vulnerability and “keeping it real” make us loveable and courageous.  It’s when we are at our most vulnerable that others accept and love us for who we are and not who we think we should be. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t want to be loved and accepted–faults and all??

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It means more than you know. This is only our first date and already I can feel the beginnings of a really great relationship.

I know this journey will be perfect…



Coming Soon: Why I will never love the Kansas City Chiefs again

Photo credits on this post go to my talented friend, Shelby Hoytal. You can check out her awesome work at:

34 thoughts on “Celebrating Imperfection: Let’s get this party started!

  1. I’m hooked and where do I sign up??!! You had me chuckling and teary all at the same time. I have been struggling at 44 yrs old with my half that wants to be okay with imperfection, finally, and the other half which has spent my whole life in search of perfect…note I still have not found it and I am EXHAUSTED. HELP ME PLEASE:) This is cool Michelle, you are amazing, and I love the boots in your pics too btw!!


    1. My dear Lisa! Thank you so much for the heartfelt note and kind words–they mean more than you know. You are one of the many special women in my life who inspires me to treat others the way I see you treat everyone. Would love to have you along for the ride–we can learn together. To follow, you can click the “follow” button in the lower right hand corner of the page….then…you can feed me ideas for my next story!! Xxxooxo


  2. Well girly, I told you I didn’t think there was anything you couldn’t do and yet AGAIN I am right on! (And by the way, I have seen you dance and you CAN do that too, lol…! ) Thx for sharing your MANY talents with all of us. I may have to add the word “slacker” to my middle name after catching your blog each day, but it will be with a smile and a giggle I’m sure! Rock on Mama Mick… Can’t wait to get hooked on all your goings on :0)


    1. My dear Michele, AKA Foxy Mom: slacker will never ever be a part of your name or personality. I see how you love your family, keep your home fires burning and protect and honor those you love. That’s super hero status if you ask me! Thank you so much for reading and sharing. It is my wish that you see the person I see every time you flash that beautiful smile and laugh that laugh I’ve come to know and love. Xoxoxo girlfriend–you are fabulous!!


  3. I cant relate to much to your post, don’t work that hard, my wife takes care of all packed life stuff leaving me to relax and watch football, not much stress, kids take care of themselves, my wife dresses me, etc. However as with any good writer you included a little something for everyone including me. Please let me know when you write your clinical post on diet Mountain Dew. If I didn’t bleed Husker red I would surely bleed pee yellow or whatever color that is. I just want to know if I am going to die sooner because of it and by how much so I can run the risk reward analysis and make an informed decision. Thanks in advance.


    1. What an awesome comment! How fortunate that you married such a fabulous and awesome wife. Just yesterday, I thanked her for her help and knew that she was fabulous the one time I met her over 20 years ago.
      Regarding Mountain Dew–that won’t be near as detrimental to your health as your continued alliance with the Huskers.
      That being said, you may actually find my next post (Why I will never love the Kansas City Chiefs again) quite relevant to the life you live watching football with a remote while your lovely wife dances circles and spins magic in your home.
      Seriously–thanks for writing. It’s always good to hear from an old friend!


  4. You go girl! You can do it!! Buy Mountain Dew by the case if need be! I will be a follower and invite you to do the same…. I try to write from the heart and I think you will see that in my posts. Especially ones like “Holding Daddy’s Hand Forever” and the one dedicated to my Mom who has been gone 25 years….as well as “Can you see the Puzzle?”.
    Thank you for this insightful piece of things to come!


    1. Hi Janiece,
      I can’t tell you how excited I was to read your note and become an avid follower. I love a talent that can write honestly from the heart and I look forward to learning from you…maybe even being partners in crime!
      Thank you again and I look forward to reading your posts!


      1. Michelle… I would welcome that Duo!!!
        Please feel free to read through my posts and if I can be of help and encouragement….please get with me. I look forward to the follow and following.


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Michelle, you are such an awesome woman with a talent for words. Being vulnerable is less about weakness and more about incredible strength.


    1. Thank you dear Sarah! I love your assessment on vulnerability being more about strength than weakness. You are one of the strongest, most fab women I know. Thanks for taking the time to read my wandering thoughts. Xoxoxo


  6. ” If you see a swear word, it’ll only be because I asked Him first and He said, “Sure…go for it!”

    That made me laugh out loud, loudly. I have no doubt that Jesus would approve considering that you’re heart is in the right place.

    Those right-brain sucker jobs are the worst. THE WORST. Nobel Prize winner, Roger Sperry, famous for the split brain experiments, stated this:

    “What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.”

    Was he ever right, no pun intended. Michelle, you really are a talented writer, and funny as hell (Jesus approved word). :mrgreen: I’m really looking forward to the time when your right-hemispheres kicks the left-hemisphere in its ass. Ooops, not sure if Jesus would approve of that word. 😛 Feel free to edit. LOL



    1. I’m sure “ass” is a Jesus-approved word as well as one of my personal favorites (I say it with my inside voice all of the time!) Now that I’ve had my soak and my “Victoria fix” for the week-end, I’m ready for Christy’s words. TGIF dear friend!


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