Adventures in Imperfection

Time to jump off the ledge…..

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Dear Friend,

My toes are nestled right up to the edge. Polished, pink appendages barely peeking out over the ground that seems so far below.  It’s time to move on, get this party started and jump…just jump. No more excuses, no more worries that it won’t be good enough or that no one will read the silly things I have to say. Truly, time to just do it already, right?

So, that’s what I’m gonna do.

October 15. That’s the day and now I’m committed (don’t judge!) and accountable.  The day I share the silly story that started this whole ball rolling. No more “under construction” signs or procrastination. A promise to you to share words,  (skewed) insight and unfiltered thoughts (without profanity).

Grab your favorite chair and bring your reading glasses if needed. Time to tell my story…twisty plots, sticky middles and happy endings.

Stay tuned….

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